Ink Master

Some of you may have heard of Ink Master, Spike TV’s exciting tattoo reality competition series.  Ever asked yourself………How can I get on T.V. and win the title of Ink Master?

Season 5
Do you have artistic and creative tattoo skills with an outgoing, dynamic personality?  Highly skilled tattoo artists from around the country will compete in a high stakes competition for the chance to win a $100,000 cash prize and the coveted title of Ink Master.
Swing on over to to find out the details on submitting your home video for a chance to get on Ink Master.  Good Luck! Let us know if you win.

Cell phone plans

Cell phone plans are available and they leave me asking: Why have a cell phone plan at all?
When cellular service became available in the late eighty’s and early ninety’s, I was in school and had a delivery service. I worked all night and drove a lot of miles. It was easy for me to justify the need for a cell phone plan. I signed a contract for 2 years and had a state of the art bag phone.

Cell Phone Plans

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for cell phone plans available on the market.  When prepaid cell phone plans came out, I decided I wouldn’t be locked into another cell phone plan.  You can even have a smartphone and have free service!  With the use of talkatone free app.  You can utilize your google voice number and wifi.  The only drawback is it can only be used with wifi.

Working from home a lot, I’ve not “needed” a cell phone, or a cell phone plan for many years.  I feel like I’ve come across the best cell phone plan ever!  That’s why I’ve decided to write up this little post about cell phone plans.

If you want an unlimited cell phone plan at a reasonable price.  Look no further than republic wireless!  They integrate your new phone to work with wi-fi when available.  This cuts down on the cost for them and they pass the savings onto customers like you and me.

I’ve been using this cell phone for a couple of months now.  The cell phone plan has been perfect for me, even when I’m traveling.  I utilize the wi-fi at the hotels I’m staying in, and when I’m cruising down the road I enjoy the cellular service.

With this cell phone plan, my family has already decided to get cell phones for everyone by the years’ end.  Four people in our household, with unlimited data, talk and text for $19 means we can all have a cell phone for less than $100/month.  Many of my friends pay that much for one smartphone.

With plenty of help from their online forums, you can get your network configured for the best V.O.I.P. service while you are at home, or your office.  And still enjoy the flexibility of having a cell phone plan that won’t wrench your wallet (or purse) dry.

Just click the banner above or below to get your new phone that puts other cell phone plans to shame!

Best Tattoo website

Which is the best tattoo website?  There are plenty more out there that have some awesome artwork and designs helping them climb the ladder for the title of “the best tattoo site.”

besttattoositeever2So, you are searching the web for the best tattoo website.  An experienced artist, web designer or tattooist may ask you “how did you end up at”  Indeed, that may be the question anyone would ask you.  Well, there are quite a few aspects to a website.  Becoming the best tattoo website ever has some or all of the following:

Keys for the Best Tattoo website!!!!   (EVER…lol)

  1. SEO, or search engine optimization (big key to having the best tattoo site)
  2. Informational
  3. Helpful (this might be considered to be redundant or same as #2)
  4. Easy navigation throughout the site
  5. Interaction from guests (we welcome comments)
  6. Security (free of malware and other bad stuff)
  7. Keeping up with social profiles (oops)
  8. Content (continually added as well….helps)

Now if you haven’t been laughing throughout this post, I would ask…..didn’t you see me laugh out loud above?  I know has quite a ways to go to be the best tattoo website.  That’s what makes this post funny.  Needing continually added content and comments are much needed here, that’s for sure.

It seems like I’ve been able to stay a step ahead of the hackers by keeping the site updated and such.  That being said, I’d like to touch on a couple of things to help your site stay free from the little devilish ghouls that want to cause havoc (and not just around this Halloween season) to your best tattoo website.

I’d like to touch on some ways to help your site be the best tattoo website.  One thing I’ve noticed……When your site is climbing the search engines, you get a lot of people trying to do things that you don’t want them to do.  One of the best defenses I’ve found is CLOUDFLARE.Really, without running my site through their servers….this site would have been down much more than it has.  And tonight I realized that you can block countries with them.  Very nice….Very, Very nice.  So the site should be a little faster as I activated that for any country who has tried to do the naught to this site.  Basically, anywhere but the USA.
free web site traffic and promotionOne more thing I’d like to touch on, is promoting your site.  Although TattooShopUSA may be considered the best tattoo website by a few select people…this site has enjoyed being on many of the first pages of google, as a result of optimizing the site with keywords.

If your site doesn’t have a lot of keywords, or you are having trouble getting a good pagerank.  You might try This Site.  A great site to promote your own site, with others of the same interests.  I’ve used this with other sites with less content and found it useful to help you get the word out.  Helping you have the best tattoo website.

I’m adding commentluv to the site after I finish writing this.  Also, taking off registering with the site.  I think that should make it easier for you to comment, as well as help you promote your site and make it the best tattoo website.   Please do let me know if you have trouble commenting, otherwise I’ll look forward to your comments.  Hey, if nothing else…put up a comment voting for your site as the best tattoo website.  Myself and other viewers will check it out!

Thumbs up smiley face

Tattoo Customers

Anyone who owns a Tattoo Shop, knows that you need customers in order to provide tattoos.  That’s kind of a no-brainer.  Without customers, your shop will close unless you sell something else that keeps the lights on.

Every successful tattoo artist knows that when you make a customer happy by giving them the product they want, they talk about it and you get more customers.  Word of mouth is huge in the tattoo business!

So how do you get people to get a tattoo?  Well, anyone who wants one will eventually get one.  From what I’ve seen, the most interesting tattoo’s are the one’s with a story behind them.  More often than not, when I talk to someone about their tattoo, they have a story behind their ink.

For a store owner, if you can find a person’s story and put it into art that will be displayed on their body for the rest of their lives……you’ve made a sale.  Not just a sale.  You’ve made a sale that will be with the person for the rest of their lives, unless they have the tattoo removed or overwritten.  The happy customer will talk about you and your business for as long as they live.

Getting more tattoo customers can be difficult if you are in the middle of nowhere, but not impossible.  If you provide the best work, people will travel to have you work on them.  Advertising can be a huge factor, but can be costly as well.  Find free advertising for your tattoo shop like this site and put the word out.

Blog about your passion!  You can do it for free at or This will take some time to get your rankings up on the search engines, and you will need to be consistent.  Google loves new content, and so do your potential customers.  Just as a magnifying glass will focus the sun to a certain spot, so should you for your business.

Consider doing other types of sales from within your current shop.  There are many different products you can offer at a reasonable price and make your customers even more satisfied.  And decrease your bottom line, helping your tattoo shop stay in business for the long haul.

So if you are wondering how to bring in more tattoo customers to your tattoo shop, look no further than the value you bring to the marketplace.

Happy Father’s Day!

First, just let me say happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there who read this about tattoo’s and thank you for your positive influence on your children.  This is a late Father’s day note, and I’m still proud to say thanks to my dad! (wrote after midnight b/c I was playing some card games with my kids:)

My dad had a tattoo.  He was in the Navy, and said he got his tattoo while on leave in California.  I remember telling him that I couldn’t wait until I could have my own tattoo.  I also remember him yelling at me about wanting a tattoo.  He had a tattoo and didn’t want me to have one.  Honestly, I was confused as a boy, and am still a little confused if I should get a tattoo today.  My dad had a tattoo and told me never to get one….????  I learned about hypocrisy.  The tattoo my dad had was about being a patriot and loving his country.  Whether he wanted to have it or not, he should have expressed the meaning of the tattoo and why he chose the image he had embedded on his skin for his life.  (Which I think he may have during my teenage years when I wasn’t listening:)

My first born child was in 1995.  I’ve felt as if I’ve influenced a few other kids along the way.  All of the kids, I would still call my own children today.  Being with 3 different women who already had children.  That being said, I’m glad that I’m a dad and glad to be a positive influence on others along the way.  My response to any kid who wants to get a tattoo would be this:  If you believe you can live with the ink for life with pride and feel as if it’s an expression that you want to explain to others, then go for it.  The other thing I would say, is if getting a tattoo isn’t something you are 100% sure you want to do…….WAIT.

I’ve thought about getting a tattoo for many years.  Waiting to get a tattoo is okay.  If someone is pressuring you to get a tattoo, whether a girlfriend, wife, husband, friend,artist or neighbor.  The answer should be always be:  I’ll get a tattoo when I’m ready, and I know what ink I want on my body for life.  There are many different laser procedures to take tattoo’s off nowadays, but to not have to pay for something twice is always a better way to do it.

Dad told me it was a drunken mistake that he made while on leave with the Navy.  I thought it was a pretty damn cool tattoo.  It was plain green ink, and was just an eagle doing something dominating.  Hell, I don’t even remember what it looked like……at least exactly.  Eagle tattoo on his forearm grabbing onto something is all I remember.  I think it had something about his unit that he served with, and after my own tour with the military….I wanted a tattoo even more.

So, since I was a kid I was told–“don’t get a tattoo!!”  My mom would still tell me that today.  And I believe my wife would as well.  And I will stand true to myself.  I will get a tattoo when I’m ready.  I will get a tattoo when the right artist presents me with the ink that I want to have on my body for life.  I believe that I will have a tattoo one day.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll travel to see you at your shop to have my first tattoo completed.

Tattoo’s are not necessarily for life, but why pay for a tattoo twice.  That’s what I’ve always thought anyway.

Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s out there making their family proud and all the dad’s that have passed, that we miss!

If you want a tattoo.  Might as well check out our free tattoo giveaway!  Search our articles to find out the details, or just read the previous posts.  If you own your own tattooshop, be sure and make sure your listing is correct.  Contact me if it’s not and I’ll fix it a.s.a.p.:)